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5Ways to improve your groove


Welcome to the mini-course that will help you to develop and improve your rhythm.

Have nice learning.



Lecture 1 - Base-drum On 1 & 3

Lecture 2 - Snare on 2 & 4

Lecture 3 - The BIG four

Lecture 4 - Change Rhythmic Resolution

Lecture 5 - Start With Alot - Than Erase

To learn more about the Rhythm Pro Musician  course

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Rhythm Pro Musician.png

 Rhythm Pro Musician online course is the place for you to improve and develop the rhythmic element of your music.

Why Is It Good For Me?

  • Develop Professional rhythmic hearing

  • Be able to create the rhythmic motives you imagine

  • Improve your music and productions by taking your rhythmic skills a leap forward

  • Communicate better with other musicians in the rhythmic domain

  • Perform better live and in the studio when working on rhythmic elements

What will I learn?

  • Read Rhythm

  • Sing And Play Rhythm

  • Whole, Half, Quarters, 8th, 16th, Triplets

  • Time Signatures

  • Rhythmic Patterns

  • Write Rhythm In MIDI

  • Using Rhythm In Your Music Productions

  • Recognize Rhythmic Patterns By Ear

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