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Do you have a song that asks to be arranged, recorded, and produced?


P Studio is a friendly, creative, and professional home for musical production.

The studio, located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, works with local artists and remote artists.

What does the studio offer?

Professional Arranging and Recording for your song -  If you have a sketch of melody and lyrics we can make it into a great finished product!

Piano and MIDI tracks for your songs -  If you have a track you are working on and you need a pro piano, bass, or other virtual instrument parts we can record it for you!

Strings, Brass and Vocals arrangments - if you need an high-quality written arrangment for your track - you've got to the right place!

In musical production there are no rules - the sky is the limit.

Musical production is a process - it does not happen in a second: it is a magic that takes place throughout a recording session or a sequence of sessions.

The basis of this process is your song - a song you wrote yesterday or five years ago, if you have a song we can work together!

I invite you to contact me and send me your tracks!

I'm excited to help you make your music come alive! 

Good Luck,

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